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The world is full of distractions.

I get rid of them by understanding the audience and focussing on the content.

Hi! I'm Nishant and I design Experiences.

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Talking to Users

Talking to users is possibly the most important thing for a designer. I love talking to potential users, conducting focus group sessions and producing solutions based on this research. Talking to users and customers is the surest way of coming up with products that they like.

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Getting to the root of the issue

“Curiosity killed the cat”, but it also showed us Mars. Users may say or do something, but their actions may be the result of a much deeper issue. I find it quite exiting to do this problem finding because it has helped me understand user behaviour and come up with better ideas and solutions.

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Organising Ideas

Affinity diagram is a clever way to brainstorm and organise ideas, and it allows collaboration. Once I have all my ideas on the sticky notes, it becomes easy to group ideas, derive relationships and so on. Lately, I have been using an online board to collaborate with my teammates from home- but that just shows how necessary this process is.

Recent Projects

Red Onion Randy card

Red Onion Randy

This is the website for 'Red Onion Randy: Life in Supermax Prison' podcast in which Randall talks about his prison life. The target audience group is based in the US and wish to know more about Randall.

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Design communication is an important aspect of architecture. BlockMod helps architecture students and architects communicate their ideas easily and express themselves better.

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Ana introduces the world to the stories of the small, seemingly insignificant communities of India that play a huge role in the diversity of the country.

ReSrchr card


An idea for a startup. It's a web-based application that helps students reduce stress and dedicate more time to living by making referencing and time-management easier.

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Lectures can get boring, especially if the lecturer keeps talking for a long time. ATLAS is a personal assistant for lecturers that helps them keep the lecture interactive and engaging.


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